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A leading ecosystem for cycle care needs.

Women's health care remains one of the fastest-growing markets in the technology sector and is predicted to become a $25 billion industry within the next few years.

Ohne is on a mission to create an alternative range of sustainable products and services for women, with the primary objective of eliminating the stigma around periods and empowering women through menstrual cycle care.

When Ohne reached out to us, the company's traction among women in the UK was remarkable, yet their technological infrastructure and e-commerce website were not performing at a high enough level for the next scaling phase. Our team was challenged to build a new e-commerce platform for their subscription and one-off products, as well as a private area for membership subscribers to access exclusive products, webinars, and self-help articles.

  • — Tech mentorship and UX guidance
  • — Subscription-based e-commerce website
  • — Data migration between legacy and new website
  • — Backoffice, logistics, and fulfillment integrations
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Developed for impact and scalability.

We started by looking at the current e-commerce website, which was built using WordPress and WooCommerce, and specified all of the features that would be required when transposing to the new platform. During this phase, we outlined all product requirements and prepared a comprehensive development plan so that the new website could accommodate not only front-end features, but also the subscription data model, recurring payment settings, product options, and logistics.

Our team was responsible for building a new, custom e-commerce website using React and Node.js technologies. We worked closely with Ohne's design and marketing team to outline the technical specifications for user experience and interface designs, and developed all kinds of live metrics and reports that were regularly updated to give the business a full overview of revenue, operations, logistics, fulfillment, and customer support, as well as marketing automation and social media integrations.

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Adjusted to every cycle

Every woman is different, and so is every period. With this in mind, Ohne wanted to create a personalized subscription experience that would empower women to adapt product shipping based on their current cycle. The new solution needed to be a simple and accessible process so customers could time their deliveries with their period by editing products, skipping a month, and changing the recurrency or delivery dates of their subscription box.

A community for every body

During their new scaling phase, Ohne wanted to reinvent their product and service offerings, so we built a private access area on the website for membership customers. Members could add one-off and sample products to their subscriptions and get access to exclusive self-help articles, webinars, and other monthly offers.


Taking Femtech to new heights

By truly understanding Ohne's target groups and core requirements, we developed a custom e-commerce platform that broadened their product and service offerings. We started by migrating existing customer and subscription data to the new platform and released new product features through continuous integration and deployment with recurrent manual and automated quality assurance tests.

As the new website gained traction, the company's churn metrics slowly started to improve due to new cross- and up-selling features, pay-in-advance plans, exclusive self-help content, and webinars. Last but not least, shipping personalization based on each woman's cycle was also an important and differentiating factor in retaining customers.

Ohne has become the go-to brand for women's cycle care in the United Kingdom by successfully using gathered data to study how each period is different for each woman ― and understanding how their product offerings can be tailored with this in mind.

As a result of its exciting journey, community brand love, and expansion plans, Ohne was able to raise more than $1.6M from a group of nine investors, including Nextblue and Techstars.

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  • - Front-end & Back-end Development
  • - Data Reporting & Analytics


  • - Custom E-commerce Website
  • - Subscription System
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  • - Data Uniformization and Migration from Legacy Systems
  • - Data Reporting and Analytics


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