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Minutes in contact center calls across the globe.


Bringing contact centers to the cloud.

Digitalization and a growing focus on customer satisfaction have driven continuous growth in telemarketing and customer service. Calleebree wanted to grasp this opportunity and build a cloud-based contact center solution suited to companies of all sizes and technological capabilities while, more importantly, enabling remote workers and freelancers to join contact center teams quickly and from anywhere.

Our team was challenged to create a cloud-based, multi-platform (web and mobile) application that any organization could deploy quickly.

  • — Technical research and benchmarking
  • — Rapid MVP prototype
  • — Production-ready enterprise cloud infrastructure
  • — Web and Mobile dialing applications


Transformation for future-proof contact centers

Our initial work with Calleebree started in 2016, before cloud computing became entirely intrinsic in our daily lives. Our team began by stepping back and conducting several rounds of user and technical research on local contact centers to learn their major pain points and challenges from infrastructure, operations, and user experience standpoints.

We soon learned that the current contact center organizations relied on unscalable legacy systems within complex and closed on-site networks ― contrary to the approach taken by leaders in other industries.

We designed and built a prototype mobile application based on our initial research to assess its feasibility and usability. By partnering with a local contact center in Lisbon, we assembled a small user group of agents to test and validate various product iterations and work side-by-side with our design and engineering teams.

Calleebree app boards

As we pursued design and engineering updates throughout all product iterations, the entire infrastructure matured into a software-as-a-service solution built on the cloud with several custom micro-services and third-party integrations (e.g., VOIP, SIP, CRM, reporting, lead management/enrichment). This enabled corporations and small businesses to deploy their contact center operations in minutes.

Calleebree app boards

Make work fun again.

We continued to take on user feedback during our collaboration with Calleebree. We acted on user experience verticals and provided several in-app gamification options to encourage good performance among sales and customer satisfaction teams.

Calleebree mobile app with rewards and analytics


Calleebree joined the end-to-end cloud contact center and customer experience world by putting the right foot forward. During our collaboration, the business had notable traction among enterprise contact centers and telecom companies in Europe and Africa.

Our team continues to work with Calleebree through software engineering, development operations, cloud architecture, and user research; while also supporting custom business needs and third-party integration with various marketing tools, CRM software, and customer data platforms.


  • - Product research
  • - Product strategy
  • - UI & UX design
  • - Backend development
  • - Mobile development
  • - Cloud architecture


  • - MVP & Prototyping
  • - Android application
  • - Backend development
  • - Multi-tenancy dashboard
  • - VOIP & SIP infrastructure
  • - Reporting & Dashboard tools


  • - CX & Contact center
  • - SAAS


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