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    Initiate the conversation

    To discuss your project, schedule a call or fill out the inquiry form on our website here at our contact page at our contact page.

    We'll send you right away an NDA and Discovery Questionnaire to ensure confidentiality while we gather insights for our initial discussion.

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    Discovery leadership session

    Following your inquiry, we invite you to a strategy session with our C-level decision-makers. In this candid exchange, we delve into your business aspirations, dissect the nuances of your project, and align on the trajectory for success.

  • 03.

    Tailored proposal creation

    Equipped with insights from our discussion, we craft a comprehensive proposal that details the project’s scope, a bespoke roadmap, timelines, and a transparent cost structure.

  • 04.

    Seamless onboarding experience

    Upon alignment, we formalize our partnership through a Master Services Agreement, marking the beginning of our journey.

    Our onboarding process is meticulous, aimed at integrating our efforts with your internal teams smoothly.


Ways of working and everything else you need to know.

(Frequently asked questions)

How do you measure the success of a digital project?

Success is measured against the project's initial objectives, KPIs, and user feedback. We look at metrics like user engagement, performance, and ROI, and also consider qualitative feedback to gauge the project's overall impact and effectiveness. And last but not least, we also consider our customers' happiness.

Do we have direct contact with your team?

Direct communication is a priority. We ensure the right project stakeholder are always connected with the right people, including designers, engineers, and tech leads. Transparent lines of communication are maintained throughout every project.

How do you ensure effective and constant communication with clients?

We make it a top priority to maintain effective weekly or daily communication with our clients, as it plays a crucial role in the success of any project. To achieve this, we implement a communication strategy that blends the use of advanced tools such as Slack for instant messaging, Jira for project tracking, and Google Meet for video calls. This approach enables clear and continuous dialogue, which is essential to ensure that every aspect of the project is transparent and aligned with our client's expectations. We actively ask questions, provide constant context, and avoid assumptions to keep our clients informed and foster a collaborative environment.

Can you assist with scaling digital products as a business grows?

Our products and solutions are designed to be scalable, offering flexible and scalable architectures, cloud solutions, and strategic planning for gradual expansion, even if you are only building an initial MVP.

What post-launch support and training do you provide?

After launching a project, our commitment to project success continues. We provide comprehensive post-launch support including troubleshooting, updates, and performance optimization. Additionally, we offer tailored training and mentorship sessions for project teams and other stakeholders. Recognizing the need for ongoing improvements and maintenance, we also offer retainer agreements. This agreement ensures ongoing access to our expertise for continuous improvements, keeping your digital product up-to-date and aligned with evolving business needs and market trends.

How do you approach digital transformation for established businesses?

We begin by meeting with important stakeholders, teams, and getting to know the business inside-out. Our approach is tailored and strategic, starting with identifying the challenges, goals, and pain points of a business. We then use the latest technologies and best practices to update systems, processes, and customer interfaces, which helps to drive growth and efficiency, this could involve anything from applying design and user experience principles to implementing custom digital transformation, automation, or AI solutions.

Can you handle both the creative and technical aspects of digital product development?

Our process integrates creativity and technical expertise seamlessly. We start by laying a strong foundation through strategic planning and discovery. After that, we collaborate on ideation and design, allowing creativity to thrive. Our engineers bring these designs to life with technical skill and precision. Finally, we conclude with thorough training, quality assurance, and delivery, ensuring a well-crafted digital experience that covers every aspect of the project lifecycle. By embracing creativity as a design principle and a problem-solving tool, we guarantee that each project achieves a perfect balance of beauty and functionality tailored to meet each project specific requirements and goals.

How do you ensure a project stays on track and within budget?

We use methodologies such as Scrum and Agile to plan and define expectations effectively. By planning ahead of time, regularly communicating, and providing transparent progress reports, we ensure that our clients are aware of the project's progress and that it stays within their budget and vision.

Do you work with specific industries?

Our expertise and flexibility allow us to work across a wide range of industries, but we particularly excel in sectors where innovation and user experience are key. Our diverse portfolio includes tech, e-commerce, healthcare, AI, logistics, fintech, marketing, SaaS, etc.

What sets Twistag apart from other digital product studios?

Twistag approach combines innovative strategies, leading-edge designs, and technical expertise. Our distinctive mix of creativity and engineering skills empowers us to provide exceptional software and design solutions that surpass our clients' expectations.

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