Helping the "Airbnb for Vans" with multi-regional SEO.

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Increase on user acquisition on USA & Europe regions.


Inspire van lovers.

Indie Campers provides a digital rental process for private van owners by managing customers, and preparing and storing the vans in their warehouses throughout Europe and the United States.

When we were first approached by Indie Campers, the company was still using the first version of its booking website and needed additional help with user interface and a front-end development to grow faster and accommodate its latest brand and product offerings.

Indie Campers soon began to scale in Europe and the US, and further challenged us to provide personalized trip suggestions and content solutions throughout these new regions while the company's marketing team endeavored to create a worldwide CMS solution.

  • — Engaging customers with inspiring content
  • — Quick and easy content management system
  • — Enhance the user's experience on the site
  • — Digital content to empower brand love
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A seamless and personalized communication experience

To increase brand love and digital awareness, we created a content management system (CMS) using WordPress and a blog website for travelers — with travelers' stories, road trip ideas, and off-the-beaten-track experiences, to ultimately increase booking reservations for their listed vans.

Each region's language and content needed to be customized and managed by different marketing teams located across Europe and the US; in order to enable new countries and regions to launch their own blogs under the Indie Campers umbrella, we built a multi-site and multi-regional infrastructure. Along the way, our team conducted multiple training workshops to help the company’s marketing managers become independent and efficient at creating, editing and publishing new content articles.


Content marketing done right

As search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing play an increasingly important role in developing user traction and sales, Indie Campers was able to create meaningful and personalized content for its audience, which acted as a strong source of new users while retaining existing customers and contributing significantly to company revenue. Some of their road trip round ups received viral attention across social media and online magazines. The blog is now active in nine languages worldwide, with more than 150 articles published and around 100,000 user visits per month.

Through our continuous collaboration, Indie Campers was able to maintain its momentum while scaling its core services and teams across the globe. The company has rented more than 500,000 nights to more than 100,000 van lovers in 130 different countries since its inception.


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Company valuation after a successfully MVP launch.