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Know your audience, and grow your business.

Datatalks helps companies collect and analyze their data to create better customer experiences and gain key insights ― empowering businesses to make better data-driven decisions.

After a successful and exciting partnership between our teams, the company was looking to start productizing its core services through software. As a result, we were challenged to build one of the first CDPs in Europe.

Based on previous experiences working with major European sports clubs, Datatalks wanted to build a CDP that could be used by all kinds of organizations but was particularly tailored to the sports industry.By integrating and unifying different data sources, the CDP would enable companies to have a comprehensive overview and understanding of each customer through their journey across all channels.

  • — User Experience and Software development
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  • — Cloud Architecture and DevOps
Datatalks CDP structure


A world-class customer experience

To help Datatalks scale their team and accelerate the launch of their software, our staff-augmentation model brought together UX researchers, UI designers, engineers, data scientists, and cloud architects to work with the company's product and data teams on building the CDP.

We began by conducting several technical discovery workshops and user research sessions to establish the main product requirements and how the software would be used by all types of organizations. We had to consider the robust data-handling capacity required to ingest and unify millions of data points, which would then be stored in data warehouses for later consumption within the platform through customizable reports and dashboards.

Datatalks UX design

Our next step was to build a proof-of-concept solution and test it among a small user group of marketing managers in the sports industry. In the early stages, our team was accountable for designing all user interfaces, front-end and back-end development, cloud architecture, and DevOps activities until the product became mature enough to be launched to a wider audience.

In order to help companies develop a unified view of each customer, we needed to facilitate several custom and third-party integrations between the CDP and the companies' marketing and sales tools (e.g., CRM, ERP, e-commerce, mobile applications, live chats, offline point of sales, social media, and others).

With every integration, each customer's data trait was enriched within the CDP, giving organizations a way to analyze, segment, and identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions around new products and services, or personalized customer experience and communication.

Datatalks UI examples


Leverage data to grow business

By putting together their new software, Datatalks transformed from a service-oriented data agency into an optimized software company, enabling new opportunities for growth and attracting additional clients

Clients are now able to manage all of their customer data autonomously and in one place (rather than using multiple tools and distributed software), giving them full visibility over the customer journey.

Since its launch, Datatalks has attracted a considerable number of soccer, ice hockey, golf, handball, and basketball clubs to its roster. Their software helps these organizations to better understand their customers and boost brand loyalty and engagement while raising ticket and merchandise sales through both online and offline channels.

In light of its success, Datatalks has raised several rounds of funding from European VCs and has gained a notable reputation within the sports industry as the leading CDP for clubs and sports organizations. Datatalks continues to innovate with new product features and software integrations through sustained collaboration with our team.


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Company valuation after a successfully MVP launch.